UK Helicopter Pilot .com is a predominantly rotary wing, aviation website. You can browse through a range of Helicopter information collated from various sources around the world, watch some videos of me flying a Robinson R22 helicopter from inside the cockpit, (essentially including some commentary and air traffic control transmissions) whilst flying from Liverpool International Airport in the UK and read a bit about what I have learnt along the journey to obtaining my Private Pilots licence, Helicopters (PPLH).

The Robinson vs Schweizer page discusses the differences between two popular training aircraft, the Robinson R22 and the Schweizer 300CBI. The R22 is the 2 seated version of the larger Robinson R44 4 seater heli that many pilots go on to fly, after initially learning in one of the smaller aircraft.

Gus with an R22 Helicopter

Anyone considering going for their Helicopter Pilot’s license should find James T Lowe’s 60 lesson diary and Robinson helicopter safety course particularly good reading. Thanks goes to him for allowing me to reproduce his copy. I've split the diary into 3 parts as it's so long!'s look, theme and content will be developed over time, more pictures and articles are being slowly prepared and will be added to the menu on the left, so why not add this site to your favorites and check back periodically to see how I’m getting on. If you click the yellow "subscribe" button on my youtube channel you will be emailed when I’ve posted new aviation videos, which can all be viewed on my videos page.

The links page will build to show a collection of the best (mainly helicopter) websites I have found, ( e-mail me if you wish to be considered for inclusion on the links page ); also please e-mail me with any annoying broken links that you find or browser quirks and I will do my best to rectify them.